“Smallest full range and filtered OpenLRSng RX at 1.69g and (16mm x 16.5mm) Selectable Analog or Digital RSSI output.”
Comes with openLRSng software. Compatible with all transmitters that use  in openLRSng. Full-range receiver.

* Note: Does *NOT* come with Antenna. Please see related items below for proper antenna that is required for this Receiver.

• Lowpass input filter to reduce out-of-band interference.
• PPM output up to 16 channels (enable in menu).
• RSSI output, digital (enable in menu)
• Completely user-settable frequency selections: 413MHz up to 453MHz.
• Up to 24 hopping channels, user-settable.
• Custom pin mapping.
• Wireless setting adjustment and bind, without any damage or harm on your aircraft.
• -121dBm rated sensitivity.
• 16×16.5mm size with PCB.
• Around 1.69 grams.

subMicroLRS rx1-600x451_0 subMicroLRS rx-600x451_0

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