433Mhz HawkEYE openLRS UHF system 433MHz 9Ch Receiver

Skills: openLRs, openLRSng
HawkEYE openLRS UHF system
The code is available at  ht tp://github.co m/openLRSng/openLRSng
. ‘Tagged’ version are considered stable while the master may have some work in progress altough I do my best to avoid breaking it.

Our RX module including:

  • 3.3v FTDI support for Arduino
  • Serial Port for firmware upload and telemetry application
  • 3.3v I2C port for all modern sensors as WiiMotionPlus, WiiNunchuk, MEMs gyros, accelerometers, barometers, etc.
  • 9 channel servo output
  • PWM output as RSSI output. (You can modify the code for PWM based RSSI signal)
  • Red and Blue LEDs for visible informations
  • RFM22B tranceiver module including Si4432 chip with configurable 0-100mW output, Frequency hopping capability and hundreds features.
  • 16Mhz Atmega328 processor with Arduino Pro Mini compatible bootloader.
  • 3.3v MIC5205 based voltage regulator with reverse polarity protection and 1S lipo support.

rx2 rx1