Brotronics OpenLRSng BroversityRX

Battery Charging The on board battery charger will have […]

DTF UHF MiniRX long range receiver

  Features:Lowpass input filter to reduce out-of-b […]

DTF UHF Deluxetx taranis JR turnigy compatible

– Plugs right into your JR compatible radio! 2S o […]

DTF UHF 1Watt long range receiver

Features:^Lowpass input filter to reduce out-of-band in […]

DTF UHF DeluxeTX Transmitter openLRS UHF system JR/Turnigy/Taranis compatible By HawkEYE

DTF UHF Deluxe TX uses openLRSng. This 1-watt rated tra […]

DTF UHF 6-channel long range receiver

Features: Lowpass input filter to reduce out-of-band in […]

UHF system 433MHz 9-channel long range receiver By HawkEYE

Comes with openlrsNG software . Compatible with all tra […]